english summary

Note: An english translation about the complete structure of Artworker, will soon be presented here (the now swedish version under "INFO") Following text is about one part of Artworker;

Artists and cultural workers get the possibility to use a flat with a studio on the multi cultural estate Badhusberget in Lysekil, located on the westcast of Sweden  Some of the time spent should be used for work focused on children and youth in the area.  For the rest of the time  the art workers  are free to devote themselves to their own artistic work. We believe this idea could inspire participants both ways , and answer to a demand for purposeful activities for the children involved.

There are 2 versions: 
*You use the flat as your studio and, on and off, invite the kids to see how you work.
*You do a project/activities together with the kids, besides your own work.
*We can also discuss alternatives.

The scheme is a development of the internationally well established Artist in Residence , with the same terms , i.e.  free board, access to a studio and a final exhibition. There is a great demand for stays like these. What is even more demanded are interesting activities for children on socially challenged estates, that is why the combination  is so good.

If you choose to have aimed projects, we offer support for you how to go about, with structure and if there occur special situations during the project that you need help solving. There is also, in case of need, a contact with the local social service available.

The concept assumes that the art workers document their projects and make them accessible to those involved as well as the local authorities, e.g. by organizing an exhibition. The flat is of Youth Hostel standard. It offers some basic equipment like scissors, painting brushes,  aprons and so on. Wages can be paid  for activities with the children after extent and agreement.

Priority will be given to artists engaged in all children’s right to culture and  meaningful  leisure occupation.
Please, send us a description of what you are working with and what you would like to achieve with your stay in Lysekil. State what period (week, month) you wish to spend here. The address is: info@artworker4a.com. Application will be handled by competent advicers in the field.

The flat may also be used by those who wish to give courses or arrange meetings to improve cultural and 
social life in the area.


The area where the project takes place is situated on a mountain high above The North Harbour of Lysekil. A hundred years ago there were both stone cutters and a public bath at the site. Now there in a residential area rich in different cultures and inhabitants. Many residents missed a spirit of community and activities, though. Different projects, apart from “Artworker” have started to meet these demands .

The Courtyard Project (www.badhusberget.wordpress.com)
A one-year-project aiming at focusing on the out door environment and the pleasure of doing something together has just been finished. The inhabitants around the yard have been the main resource, but The Council of Lysekil, its housing firm as well as The State Council for Art made it possible to involve an architect and an artworker.

The Flinta Camp (www.flintaskolan.com)
During the summer of 2012 the courtyard was the basis of a day camp for children in the area.